Life on Board
Life on Board


If you give us 15 days before departure, we can arrange transfers from the airport and the airport. If you prefer to make your own transfers, the necessary information to the harbor and a boat we offer you.


Gulet outside all similar to each other. comfort makes them different and are present in the comfort of a holiday you want one of those services that you will never forget.


Swimwear and casual clothes, of course, is one of the things to remember. You do not need to fill your bags with stylish clothes; T-shirts are immediately washed dry quickly in the sun and wind. In the summer, it would be good to take a sweater with you for the evening hours. April, May, September and October can be a little cooler; It would be better to bring something like raincoat. There is no large closets in the cabin on the course until our house boat. Particularly hard luggage can not be stored easily. You must bring with you when you go ashore comfortable slippers and shoes to be used. Shoes are not worn in the boat. (Except private boat shoes)


All simple comforts are available. Each cabin has a double bed (Moon Start all beds Viskolex), shower (hot / cold water), toilet, electrical outlets (12V - 24V - 220V), night lights, refrigerators, television, radio / cassette player, round games and binoculars There.


All Boats are hired with crew. It consists of two-three-four people depending on the size of the crew boats; They Captain, Chef and Deckhand. Most of the crew speak English; There are also speak French and German. Their task is to make you happy and provide a safe navigation. You will be at your disposal during your trip, far away to hear you, but they will be soon enough to meet whatever you want.


This is the most special of holiday choices known. You experience the comfort of your own home The world's most beautiful bays, we will provide as long as you want. Gulet sailing with you is special. Flora Sailing offers only private gulet rental service. You do not have to go on holiday with people you know.


all kinds of measures have been taken for your safety in our boat. Fire extinguishers, life raft, life jackets, emergency VHF (radio) are all tools such as our boat.


There is no minimum rental period is an application. However, the recommended route can be completed in a week. The standard course is performed for two hours a day.


Simple fishing equipment on board (for amateurs). If you want to use more advanced equipment, you can bring your own or hire. In the evening, the crew can lay network. It is always an amazing experience to watch caught in the morning.


Our boats also can choose the type you want.

Full board: three meals and five o'clock tea

All Inclusive: All meals and drinks

Your own choices: You Be the Food & Drink Shopping. We will service to Cook.


Mosquitoes and can bee. Bring along mosquito and insect repellent are recommended to bring products or drugs.


responsibility for this belongs to you. However, there is a safe in our cabin


There are many small marinas along the coast: Antalya, Kas, Gocek, Fethiye, Datça. The most important ones are Bodrum and Marmaris. Most gulets start their trip from the town. Along the way to moor in a village or town is not always possible; distances are often too large. Review to be pretty much anchored in a secluded bay.


There are advantages and disadvantages quiet bays or mooring in a marina. Mooring in a bay means feeling at one with nature without being disturbed. You can make beautiful walks on the shore at night it is dark and quiet. Mooring in a village or town has other advantages; You can try the restaurants, shopping, etc. You can do. The disadvantages are the lack of swimming and it is often noisy.


The use enough product to protect against the sun is very important; The first few days you may have to be very careful. Sea, wind and seawater may be very dangerous.


To bring a book or magazine to read you will be in place. You will have plenty of time to rest. In addition, we keep a few books for those who have forgotten to book our boat.


Hire a boat, negotiate over the route to go. If you enjoy spectacular natural scenery, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye is the best route. between Fethiye to Antalya, monotonous nature, summers dry and very hot. However, there are many unexplored ruins in this region. The route taken will depend on the boat at the same time other bookings. The last passengers left the boat in Antalya, it is impossible to start the trip from the basement.


All precautions must be taken. The captain will never take a risk when the weather is good. salvation takes great care of the boat; therefore, some of the passengers (dangerous) requests. sometimes it has to go very early in the course of the boat to avoid strong winds. The crew have experience in local weather conditions.


Boats usually sail in the open sea. The route generally follows the coastline, the sea can be choppy if there is a lot of wind; If so if you have a problem such as seasickness, keep the medication with you.


In all marinas there will be some kind of market. The most interesting towns for shopping: Marmaris, Bodrum, Antalya, Fethiye and Kaş. In these places, jewelry, carpets, copper, onyx, you will see the same type of goods, such as leather.


Whether you are in your cabin or just relax on the deck, you will sleep like a sea of ​​waving crib. On deck is a wonderful feeling to wake up with the sun.


Around the boat: Swimming and wander snorkeling, surfing, fishing (on board simple fishing equipment are available), sailing (Our boats are motor sailing). In some coastal areas, it is made for all water sports and related equipment can be rented.


There is a radio for use in emergency situations on board. Boats are also a mobile phone; There is a USB internet connection in our boat. (Charged)


Turkey coast has a very pleasant climate. You can cruise from April until the end of October. During the summer months (June to the end of September), it can be very hot. There is a great advantage of living on the boat. The heat is never as high as on land; There is always a nice breeze.


When the ride ended, it is normal to give a tip to the crew. When you ride in a car the same thing applies to drivers. You must decide for yourself how much to give.


a towel and your cabin you will find a set of bed linen. But sunbathing and you need to bring with you a few large towels for use after swimming.

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