Bodrum - Marmaris

Blue Cruise Marmaris - Bodrum route

1. day

The yacht we prepare in Bodrum harbor, elite or staff with their guests places on our yacht, your security in the captain routes and yachts during cocktail and describes the rules for your convenience, so do not stretch, you have since come each from the sea, you know that you crave. Your first stop (horn twist), each corner is nice, hopefully you get the most beautiful corner. In an instant, though, because he expects the paradise coves or visit the dozens. Overnight (in sarsala sheep) that color and light are visible to you and never cared if the stress of the outside world until the late hours of laughter and happy exchange glasses.

Blue Cruise Göcek Boynuz Bükü

2. days

 Breakfast is ready, pamper yourself warm hours of the morning, enjoy. Do you think the captain all the details for you, heave anchor our route (the teeth of the hub). The sea is clear, appropriate depth, put one of the most suitable for snorkelling. Islands, bays and charms people with a yachts trees near the shore, but there is more, these beauties to keep you safe and overnight (the network port). We're taking. Your afternoon tea, snacks and dinner here. But if you want to go ashore, excellent hiking trails, way at the end of the church, do not miss the top view of the bay taking along Get your camera.

Day 3: Boat trip Kumlu Bük

Well, you came to the course early this morning, but the experience of the captain. The sea was calm when you need to pass the time on the track to show another paradise. Breakfast in a Ekincik that (in the flesh of sheep), where we recommend you to explore the natural wonders of the maze of the local boats. This trip (trace salt beaches), the maze of canals, mud spa, your prize will be Köyceğiz lake. But you do not want it to eat you while you lunch captain (galley sheep) take, you will love long stopover galley sheep of course, but overnight to (Kumlu bük here) is safe, look remotely Kumlu Bük bending of light moving but quiet.

 Day 4: Blue Cruise Marmaris

 Breakfast, (Kumlu Bük) in a quiet place, it expects sea. Embrace the sand on the beach, get the sand caress your feet, if you like jogging on the beach, your blood are mobilized, such structure of the sport in the morning. Do you cook your reward in breakfast with plenty of variety. But for lunch (we adasınd heaven), we're here until five o'clock tea, night work for vira bismillah (in Marmaris) We limand. Our yacht, food and water while refueling, we recommend you to Marmaris's lively night. Trust the guidance of your captain, you get help, you direct them to the right place for you to enjoy.

Day 5: Boat trip Ekincik

We start watching early breakfast (at Ekincik Bay), our route after swimming breaks (put not dişibil), Here Aşıklar Bay at how beautifully put colloquially wonder of nature just behind the nose, they say dark, take snorkels, fins and mask your true sea. After lunch and a break, it is exquisite villages under the tail nose. Put someone very special sandy beaches come here if done in private. and the dinner, complements our cooks delicious dishes of Mediterranean cuisine and seafood night contemplating what the man was lucky, provoking rhythm of the music with dancing couple closer together.

Day 6: Dark Blue Cruise Thousand

 Although you can sleep late in the morning of the first light night you meet early this oxygen to plenty heaven leave yourself in the sea of ​​arms in the region, there also your wake up for playing, well swim in the morning sport, it has need more clean place to swim? Breakfast toast and sausage smells, forget the diet, you know, to play one day felekten varya! After (swine island) we koyund poncho. Meters deep into the gravel substitution is not such a clear set will be released, but overnight (in thousand sheep). Hiking trails, exact location for diving and water sports or mask. snacks and cold raki our magnificent cooks, so tasty that day may come at sunset you see elsewhere.

Day 7: Boat trip Yassıcalar

 Morning warm and calm sea is so attractive that you will not understand how the late hours of the sea. The appropriate temperature of water, especially in recent days become longer in all your varya, shortened time at sea, but the day is still generous. This Cleopatra attributed to the (bath in the bay), there are also the ruins of a so-called bath, bath be doing this alone puts the queen. But what about the sheep every subject field hissettirmesine himself as noble? Colorful and tastes great cook our lunch with skilful hands. Our route after noon the wind (Yassıcalar), mobilizes captain, vira bismillah, sails fore, the machine stops, that silence. Purl and the whisper of the wind wound waters of your yacht, yacht experienced personnel, aware that enthralled. Snacks ready, afternoon tea is waiting for you, come to mind when the sun passengers;

The day you see my face gleaming joy,
Nice mansion is demolished gönlümün
Diver plunging, my eyes see the sea,
You will see a mermaid mahsun at the bottom.

Overnight in Yassıcalar group. Come on! Mask, snorkel, fins. Crystal clear sea is waiting for you.

Day 8: Blue cruise Port of Göcek

 Breakfast should be early, way too long, like the trip to statistics bodies are calm, and healthy body bronze. Well after a week it is also a friend you have to teach people to live in the sea sea. We have to leave, of course it will be difficult separation on both sides. Prepare your envelopes! The tradition is to welcome you, the staff handles. They also found that they ar, they connect, they have toured the waste into the sea, they can have the wedding in the fall they stay or sea, select job or have to train staff each year separately. 10:00 Gocek harbor separation time. Your luggage is placed on the vehicle by sailors.


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